Noipfraud Cpanel Guide


Here Are The Installation Steps Using CPanel.

1. Create install folder

Create a folder in your document root for installing our client - PLEASE don’t call it noip or noipfraud name it something generic, like “track”, “blog”, “site” etc.

See this guide if you are unfamiliar with cpanel file manager

2. Upload the files

Download the Noipfraud zip file from

Upload the zip file to the folder you created using CPanel file manager‍

Unpack the zip file

3. Open config page

Open the config page in your browser by appending /app to the URL for the noip folder:

So if your domain is and you uploaded Noipfraud to the shop folder in your document root, you would open the URL: in your browser.‍

4. Self check

You should first see Noipfraud doing a self check to make sure your server is configured correctly. It will show any issues it finds.

If it mentions APC - don’t worry about this - its optional and not important if you don’t know about it.

Please note that if you see any issues where extensions are missing feel free to contact us at support _for help installing_‍

5. Fill out login & api details

Create a username & password this is a username and password you set. 

PLEASE make sure to take note of this as we do NOT have access to this.‍

Fill in the api key & secret from your welcome email.

Remember every noipfraud client you install has its own login it’s VERY IMPORTANT you save/bookmark the url once done.

Next step is to Login to your Noipfraud client (the url you bookmarked above and the username and password you saved)

Then click the “Support” link in the menu. Search for “plugin” and follow the wordpress plugin guide.

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