NoipFraud vs N2


We often get asked this question quite frequently, so here are the answers to the most asked questions followed by a simple comparison

Does Noipfraud and N2 have the same filters?

Yes, many of the filters are similar, however since N2 is our newer product it has more advanced filtering and more options for filters

Do I have to use N2 tracking?

No, while tracking is a base component of N2 it is not needed to use the filtering options and can be used with almost any other tracker(Voluum, Binom, Redtrack, etc)

Is the pricing the same?

No, below is an explanation of the different models:

Please note that with both products you are ONLY charged for “allowed” clicks any blocked clicks are not charged for

Why do you have two products instead of just upgrading Noipfraud?

While Noipfraud has been our core product for many years, it did have limitations due to its architecture.

So we started from the ground up to build a new product that offers more advanced and different ways to protect your campaigns.

N2 also has some features that users wanted in Noipfraud that just were not possible based upon how it was built(a central dash being a big ask by many)

While all of this sounds great many users still wanted a PHP option which is exactly what Noipfraud is.

Our goal here was to offer users a choice, one that fits them best, as not all campaigns, setups, stores, or flows are the same, and we respect that.

Here is a simple comparison of Noipfraud vs N2

Filters AvailableBasicAdvanced
TrackingBasicAdvanced with complex visual flow options
DashboardOne for each installOne dash for all installs
StatsFull Click LogFull click log with block reason and csv export
Requires its Own ServerNoYes
Server RequirementNginx/Apache, PHP, SQLiteNo dependencies
Customizable Traffic SourcesYesNo
Content RewritingNoYes
Link RewritingNoYes
Customizable EventsAdvancedBasic
Campaign Deployment MethodsLink, PHP file, Wordpress Plugin, JSProxy, JS
Redirect OptionYesYes
Non-Redirect OptionYesYes
iFrame OptionYes, but code requiredYes, no code required
API availableYesYes
Scheduling and DaypartingYesNo

If you have any more questions about either product please reach out to us:

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